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Turn your “Why Can’t I’s” into “How Can I’s” 

In a world where we are surrounded by media… 

Beautiful places, things and people! 

Its so easy to slip into the “Why Can’t I” mindset! 

Why can’t I be as successful as Joe? 

Why can’t I have a body like hers/his? 

Why can’t I have the relationship they have? 

Why can’t I be taller? (that one is my personal favourite) 

Now before you decide to curl up in a ball and eat a tub of ice cream… 

Let’s remind ourselves that not everything we see is real! 

I know, you are shocked! 

Do people really not look like that when they get out of bed/leave the gym? 

Do people really not own that yacht/car that they are poising in front of? 

Good chance the answer to those questions is….no! 

But it doesn’t stop us asking the “Why can’t I” questions and feeling really bad about our lives! 

We feel like we are lacking/not good enough is some way 


Next time you find yourself asking a “Why can’t I” question, change your thought to a “How can I” question… 

How can I get a body like hers/his? 

How can I get a relationship like theirs? 

Feels more empowering doesn’t it? 

“A problem is never fixed by creating another problem…only a solution can fix it”- Confucius Sue 


If you’re asking,How can I be more successful in my business?” 


Don’t tell anyone…but we have the solution… 

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And remember, not everything you see is real (apart from us that is), stay positive! 

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