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Dave has excelled himself with his vision in developing this Lifestyle by Laptop and with his guidance I am excited for the future. His faith in me, his coaching, patience and passion for this business has inspired me to give it a really good go. I am so glad I met Dave & decided to jump on board with him as I was very hesitant in the beginning. He gave me the confidence to try one more time. I have just recently completed The 10 day MLM Accelerator Program and it is the most comprehensive, mind blowing & informative course I’ve ever done. I wish I had been educated like this when I was involved with either of the other two MLM’s. Would have made such a difference to my life. Together with Dave I will achieve greatness, I have so much faith now.

Elaine Squires

Dave has been a great coach for me in the last month or so. He’s always gone to great lengths and his passion causes my passion to be ignited. Love working with him, and would definitely recommend any other business owner to work with him.

Evan Dowsett

Director, Triumph Tutoring

If you are feeling a little stuck or just starting your business, please do yourself a favour and do this course!  Dave is brilliant and gives so much info for the small investment – you wont get it anywhere else!

Barbara Vogel

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