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: Good afternoon everybody. Dave Cottam here. I’m just down today at the beach at City beach. I’ve just got a couple of meetings that I’ve just come for a quick swim before I head back. So but today I just want to talk about

Doing what makes you happy

: doing doing this because, well, I’ve been one of those people over the last sort of year I’ve probably not paid enough attention to set myself. I’ve not paid enough attention to what makes me happy and the things that have always made me who I am previously. Um, and that’s been fine because I’ve been busy with the business, I’ve been busy trying to build, I’ve been busy helping people and I’ve been busy doing the other thing that I love which is, which is working with people. But I think it’s so important for us to take time to do things that actually make us happy.

: I love getting to the beach. I love being outdoors. I love swimming. I love being active and playing sports and being in the gym and that’s something I’ve not done anywhere near enough of over last year.

: Now the thing we can, we can quite often get caught with, our work or with kids or with, you know, especially those who are in business with actually just just going through the motions with being busy people and not being mindful with doing things that we think we need to do that, you know, aren’t necessarily the things that make us happy.

: T he life is about being happy. Life is about beam and rich and spending time with people and having your heart sing and do the things that makes your soul sing. So I think it’s really important that you know, with, especially with the new year approaching.

: So ask yourself,

What are you going to do that, that’s going to make you happy over the next year?

What are you going to do that you’ve not been doing in the last, last six, 12 months, two years that you really wish you had been doing because

Today’s the best day to do anything in the only day better than that is yesterday

So, looking forward guys, what is it that makes you happy What are the things that really make your heart sing and get out there and do more of them because know, there’s always another day to make more money. There’s always another day to be at work and there’s definitely better things in life are more important things in life than being in the grind of being busy.

So that’s it for me today guys. Have a wonderful day. Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll, I’ll speak to you all soon. Bye for now.

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