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Welcome to Module 5 – The 5P’s of Business…

Video 1 – Pleasure

The purpose of this first section is to make a record of where you are now, of where you wish to be in the future, and to start to build the mission statement for your life and your business. Welcome to designing a life of love and happiness. Welcome to Day 1… PLEASURE.


Success is 90{b971c2ea2dc017e5ab62ab2e5071f95bbd2edc6910716e77c27d5d2e9c37f5d3} mindset, 10{b971c2ea2dc017e5ab62ab2e5071f95bbd2edc6910716e77c27d5d2e9c37f5d3} skillset!


In order to ensure that our businesses facilitate pleasure for us, we must first determine how we want our personal and business lives to look, in the future.

Business should be something that works for you, not owns you. It is therefore to set an intention of working hours and boundaries of responsibilities as early as is practicably possible.

If you intend to be able to have holidays or one day turn your business into a lifestyle business, it is important to set up systems and processes from the start, so that your business will not crumble and die if you are away from it for a few days… Or more importantly that you are confident in this fact, so as to allow you to switch off when you’re away from the office.


I order to truly get pleasure from our lives, it is important to first realise that money and things do not bring us happiness; money and ‘things’ merely facilitate us to do more or to have tangible outcomes to our hard work.

The important thing with life is to do things that make us happy, and to be grateful for the good things in our life. Only by working hard at being happy, and showing gratitude for the things that are already good, can we truly build a life that we will love and achieve true happiness.

Failure to enjoy the journey can only ever lead to a short lived satisfaction of any success before our eyes are drawn to another goal, at which we believe we will finally be happy.

Building a Personal Development Plan

We can only be successful in business by first being successful in our lives. It is therefore extremely important that we work on ourselves just as hard, if not harder than we do on out businesses. Self-awareness and personal improvement are skills that require constant attention and practise.

In the same way the we create career development plans in our workplace, it is important the we record our current emotional situation; this includes how we look at our lives, what our hopes and dreams are, and most importantly, what we intend to do to bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be.

In the same way that the captain of a ship must constantly check his coordinates and make the necessary adjustments; in order for this to really work, it is important that we are regularly reviewing our goals and our plans (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc.), to ensure that they are still accurate, and then making the necessary adjustments to our plans to ensure that we are still heading in the right directions


Where are you now?

Before we look to improve our lives, it is important to know exactly where we are at the moment.

In order to ensure that we have balance in our opinion of our lives, it is important to know what’s good as well as what we would like to improve. All too often, we focus far too much on the negative, and not nearly enough on the positive.

I expect that from this exercise, you will see that your life it actually pretty good on the whole.

Remember, that if you have a roof over your head, food on the table, and fresh water, and do not fear for your safety; you are in the top 10{b971c2ea2dc017e5ab62ab2e5071f95bbd2edc6910716e77c27d5d2e9c37f5d3} of people in the world so far as wealth and living conditions are concerned.

Your life by numbers

For each of the categories below, please rate your life from 1 to 10, with 0 being worst of the worst, and 10 being absolutely amazing.

  1. Mindset
  2. Career
  3. Finances
  4. Personal Growth
  5. Health
  6. Family
  7. Love Life
  8. Social Life

What are you a rock star at?

For the area that you ranked yourself highest; what are the characteristics that you display, that make you so successful in that area?

For example, if you were great with your finances you may list: a) I stick to a budget, b) I pay my bills on time, c) I save 10{b971c2ea2dc017e5ab62ab2e5071f95bbd2edc6910716e77c27d5d2e9c37f5d3} of my salary every month, d) I do not buy anything on credit, etc… You would here be showing that you have a plan, stick to is, and have guidelines as to your spending habits.

Where do you really want to improve?

For the area that you ranked yourself lowest, or where you’d really like to improve; what are the characteristics that you think would make you great in that area?

The idea here is that if we consider how we could apply the same sort of diligence to the areas in which we think that we are struggling, then this could be a really simple reframe that could make all the difference.

So above, the example showed that financially, I was really good at planning, setting boundaries, and being regimented with my day to day tasks of paying bills. How could you translate this self-discipline from where you a great, to improve your performance in this area??