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When obstacles arise, we all react! 

It’s in built… 

Something that feels totally natural! 

But what if we looked at obstacles the same way we look at pimples? 

Stay with me here…. 

You wake the day before a special event and as you stretch and look in the mirror… 

There it is! 

A small red bump on your nose that might as well be a flashing red light! 

You panic!  Slightly freak out! Okay…Majorly freak out! 

You have to get rid of it…there is no way you can go out tomorrow looking like that! 

What will people say? 

So, you spend the day trying everything in sheer desperation to get rid of it! 

Rubbing it with toothpaste… nope after ten minutes it’s still there! 

Adding a Bicarb of soda scrub…  nope it’s still there! 

All the while the more you panic and the more you do things to it, the bigger and redder it is getting! 

Your whole day has been spent trying things and googling the latest solutions! 

But nothing is working, not the banana skins, not standing on your head to relieve the blood flow, not chanting until you’re hoarse! 

Its getting worse and the worse it gets, the more desperate you become!  The more frantic you become!   

It now looks like it needs its own bedroom, it’s gotten that big! 

The government are issuing it a Medicare card as we speak! 

Now imagine how this relates to the obstacles we face.  We often react in an attempt to fix them quickly without thinking it through properly!! 

Imagine if you had just washed your face and taken the time to allow one of the miracle cures to actually work instead of trying a new one every ten minutes (which just made things worse)! 

When we face obstacles in life… (and yes, it will happen)! 

Take a few moments and think through the best solution, never make a decision when you are panicked or desperate as that’s always made from emotions!  Lean back, let that pimple sit for a while!  Sometimes we don’t need to do anything and the obstacle fixes itself! 

And whilst you are leaning back…you have time to think of the amazing outfit and shoes you are going to wear! 

May your pimples be small and easy to fix xx 




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We can’t solve the problem of today by using the same thinking as when we created them – Albert Einstein
If you can dream it you can do it – Walt Disney
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone – Neale Donald Walsch
Never, Never, Never Give Up! – Winston Churchill


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