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Module 7 – Video 10
Change Your Life


Recap of the training-

– How to sort your Contacts
There are people who are either more successful than you (S), on the same level as you (O), or worse than you (W)

– The “S” Prospect that you MUST contact first
They are always open minded and even if they don’t join, they are never negative and may even give you referrals

– Proven cold market scripts that you can use today
Learn to ask if someone is open to earning more income that won’t interfere with their current job

– Importance of posture and how to use it
If you’re desperate, no one wants to join you.  The more you chase the more they run away.

– 3 ways you can make prospects have more confidence in you
Never be desperate, always be in a hurry and always have an end time for appointments

– Time management tips so that you stay focused
Schedule a consistent time to prospect every day, discover your hourly rate, scheduling and planning your Fortune building time, and much, much more.

– Tips on overcoming objections
Never convince.  Instead learn to sort and guide your prospect to the answer

-How to close….Always Ask, ask and ask! Never tell but learn to guide your prospects to the sale


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