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Module 2 – Video 2
Setting up your fan page


How to Setup your Facebook Fan Page

In this module we are going to go over the basics to get your fan page set up, super quick and easy just follow along 🙂

NOTE: The list below is a list of terms that are used in the video as phrases, by entering this list as shown in the video comments on your page/posts that contain these words will be blocked.

Facebook Fan Page Moderation Wordlist: scam,scammer,pyramid,scheme,pyramid scheme,scamm,scammm,scammer,bullshit,shit,shitt,fag,faggit,faggot,stupid,loser,scam,pyramid scheme,pyramid,bullshit,shit,spam,scam,scammer,scamer,lies,crap,newsfeed,fuck,fucking,fucku,liar,scams,fucker,shitty,scamms,feed,asshole,ass,hole,dick, prick, fake, stupid, con, complaints, bbb, bbb, better business, too good, ponzi, ponzi scheme, pyramid, piramid, too good, to good, 2 good


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