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Slow Down and Enjoy Life!

Slow down and enjoy life!

It was World Mental Health Day last week, such an important subject for us all to speak about, and I think on the back of that your mental health isn’t all about whether you’re depressed. Mental health isn’t all about whether you’re really sad and you can’t get over your problems, and you’re having anxiety or suicidal thoughts. Mental health is all about, in my eyes, being happy and looking after yourself, and looking after your well-being and that of those around you.

I want to talk about slowing down a little bit. I’m here today, I’m out in the park just around the corner from my house. I’ve started doing this recently to come out in the morning, catch the morning sun, getting sun, getting air on my skin, and I sit here with my laptop, I’ve got my feet on the ground, grounding myself, and getting all that horrible negative energy out, or positive energy in.

I’m literally just taking a moment to enjoy what’s around me. I’m fortunate enough to be able to come sit in the park and work in the morning, I could be stood at my desk slaving away thinking I can get so much more done at my desk, but it’s right to just come out and enjoy the outside and watch the world go by while I do a bit of work in the morning. It’s so important. I think we’re so busy rushing through life. We’re so busy going from one thing to the next thing. We’re so busy thinking about what we’ve got to do, and what’s going on at work, and getting the kids from one place to the next, worrying about bills, worrying about our job.

I don’t think we just take the time to stop and just be. You know “being” doesn’t mean only doing meditation, and it doesn’t mean having to sit and do mindfulness, but just literally appreciating what’s going on around us. Appreciate and spend some time with our families, turning our phone off, reading a book, listening to some music. Think about the things that really make you happy, and start to work and plan those into your life because happiness doesn’t just happen by chance. And happiness won’t just come when we’ve got a certain amount of money or we’ve achieved a certain thing. Happiness is a habit, and you look at happy people in the world and they literally just ensure they do stuff that pleases them all the time.

A quick tip that I try and give everybody. If you want to be happier, try and do a little bit less. If you want to be happier, stop trying to keep up with the Joneses, and buying new cars, new couches, and new TVs, and going on holiday all the time. If finances are a worry, spend less. And I know that’s quite an easy thing to say, but I think we’re all too busy trying to get from one place to the next and be busy in the rat race, that we are not actually just appreciating where we are. We spend too much time keeping up with the Joneses, keeping up with our friends that are buying new stuff all the time, buying expensive things and living in big houses.
Most people live on credit. Most people spend their money on things that they can’t afford, and spend it on credit, and taking out loans. So, don’t ever think that the people around you that are spending a load of money that that means that they’re rich and you’ve got to keep up with them, because a lot of the time, people have got debt through their eyeballs, and they’re spending more money each month on interest payments than is actually sensible.

Just take time to slow down, appreciate what’s around you. Stop being in the rat race and just enjoy life. I say this from personal experience because it’s something that I’ve done. Slowing down and just doing the things that I enjoy make me happy is something that’s massively improved my life and something I’m really trying to get everybody else to do.

Please take care of your loved ones. If you’re having problems yourself, please do speak up, and if you don’t feel that people are listening, please find someone who will listen because I know myself, sometimes when you’re talking, people aren’t listening, and you feel like you’re sharing your problems and people aren’t hearing it in your voice, so please find someone who will listen to you because there’s people out there that understand.

Be happy. Be loving to each other, and I’ll speak to you all soon. Bye for now.

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