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I know that for many people retirement is a long way away. But in my opinion, if we don’t start to plan how we’ll get by as early as possible, there’s a chance we may be caught short.retirement

I don’t know about you, but I’ve looked at people that I know, and even at my parents, and I don’t think they have what they thought they would have for their retirement. So I want to discuss a way that I see to minimise the risk of this happening to us. Especially as I want to retire early!

Studies show that most people who are nearing retirement are worried that they may not have enough. They also show that many people who are already retired, use a large portion of their pension/super fund in the early years, then have to adjust their standard of living to ensure their money lasts until they foresee they won’t need it anymore.

Pension Funds

I really don’t buy into the theory of a pension fund for a number of reasons:

As stated above, I think it’s risky to have a pot of money that I am going to slowly use up, and hope that I have enough to last until I’m no longer here.Pension

  1. I don’t think that investors (people who manage our pension funds) really know what they’re doing. Whilst I think the stock market is a good way to make money, I think it’s not much safer putting your money into shares than putting it on a roulette table.
  2. Looking at the many cases of mismanagement, embezzlement, and recession over the years. I don’t fancy having my financial security in my old age, being dependent on the (often irresponsible) decisions of bankers and the government.
  3. When I die, I personally want to be able to give my children everything that I’ve invested in over the years. Along with the fact that when you die , most pensions decrease the amount the your family gets. Some don’t pay out at all. Crazy stuff!
  4. And to me the most important. There are methods out there by which you can protect yourself from all of the above. You can have an investment that you can sell, give away, leave in your will, continue to grow, or have someone manage whist you still get the same income from without it ever really losing any value. Ever.

The Home Based Business

So how does this tie into home based business?

Starting your own homebased business, the available options can seem overwhelming

Well, the way I see things:
  1. Having my own business will allow me to build an income that I can grow by either harnessing the power of the internet, or by employing more people. Even after I’m technically retired.
  2. I will be able to employ my children and teach them what we do day to day, and also how to run a business. This will give them the skills to either run my business later in life, or to build a business of their own.
  3. When I want to retire, I can either put my children in charge or employ someone to manage it. Still owning the business will keep my asset and continue to provide me an income from it.
  4. And the most important to me. The extra money that my side businesses are earning, are being invested directly into growing the businesses and into investing in rental properties.

The Power of Property

Property for me, is the most important part of my financial and retirement plan because
Power of Property
  1. Property prices will always track directly in correlation with the value of the dollar/pound
  2. They provide an income from tenants
  3. They can’t disappear or hugely devalue (never to return) overnight, as stock prices can
  4. They provide leverage. By having a 10{b971c2ea2dc017e5ab62ab2e5071f95bbd2edc6910716e77c27d5d2e9c37f5d3} deposit I can get increase in value and rental income of an asset 10 times that value. Whereas buying shares or your pension only grows according to the value of the money you put in.
  5. If times get tough, I could always sell them
  6. I can eventually give them to my family, and they will generate an income forever!

This is obviously a very brief overview of this subject, and something that I will cover in greater detail in my upcoming ebook.

If any of this stuff is making you think that you’re ready to start looking into setting up your own business, then please feel free to get in touch.

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In my next part of this series, I will discuss the tax advantages of having your own business.

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