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Know where true happiness comes from? 

I’m about to reveal the secret people have searched for since the beginning of time… 

And its not “Why is pizza round, cut into triangles and served in a square box”! 

Its……Where does happiness come from? 

Actually…I don’t really know! 

But I do have an idea where it isn’t found and where it might be found! 

Let’s take this scenario for instance… 

You go out and buy a new car/house/horse/whatever turns you on… 

You have the money to buy it (no, sorry I don’t know where the money comes from…stick with me here)And buying it makes you feel incredible/happy/fantastic/amazing!  You know the feeling!! 

Now imagine the person who made/built the item you just purchased.  How did they fit that feeling into the item?  I think you may have bought that feeling with you. 

Confused…stay with me…. Don’t faze out! 

Now imagine you fall in love? 

Again, you feel amazing/incredible/happy/excited!  You feel amazing cause you are with them and they are generating that feeling.  Right?  Wrong! 

Again…you bought that feeling with you.  Even if they are on the other side of the planet and nowhere near you, you will still have that feeling. 

Okay…A different scenario… 

You turn up at work and get called into a meeting.  There your boss tells you that you are being laid off effective immediately and hands you your cessation documents! 

You leave the office devasted!  Feeling unworthy!  You feel like nothing!  But where in those cessation documents or that meeting does it say you should feel like that? 

Again…you bought that feeling with you! 

We all go into work everyday with the potential to have that “I’ve just been laid off/fired” feeling or to have that “I’ve just bought my dream car/met the love of my life” feeling! 

The secret to happiness I believe is knowing how to trigger those happy thoughts and feelings without anyone else or anything else being involved! 

And how to do that is something you have to figure out for yourself…. 

Okay…Ill give you a little clue…. 

Its in the one place you’d never think of looking… 

Nope, not under the bed  

Its inside you…. That’s right…. INSIDE YOU 




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