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Welcome to The InnerOrigin Business Education

InnerOrigin is one of the most exciting companies that we work with here at Lifestyle by Laptop.

In short, InnerOrigin is a healthy online supermarket, where all products are verified by an independent panel of holistic health experts, to ensure it passes very strict criteria before being allowed to be sold on their marketplace. Think Amazon, but with a heart.

The categories in the store include: Personal Care, Cleaning, Sports Supplements, Health Supplements, Pet Care, Essential Oils, Make Up, Non-Perishable Food Items, Ethically Sourced Clothing and Bedding, Non-Pharmaceutical Pain Relief,¬†Non-Pharmaceutical Medicine Alternatives, Radiation Reducing Techology… and more

Instead of using educational modules for this company, we are going to send you to the funnel that we use as part of our marketing. Therefore please click the button below to go to the funnel and see the information.

After watching the information, please contact your coach to discuss how this business will work for you.