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“Small Minds Talk About People, Average Minds Talk About Events, Great Minds Talk About Ideas!”


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Everyone is seeking financial and spiritual freedom from their past constraints. Our valuable training helps you break-through in the areas that are most important to you.


Build Your Life, Your Way

Through modern technological breakthroughs and access to tools you can learn to empower yourself to create a business that unlocks your personal and income earning potential.


Live Your Dream

By leveraging education, our community, and your experiences you’ll map a way of operating that you’ve never had access to before. Make no mistake that hard work is involved, however, the life that awaits beyond your past constraints will give rise to a life of your own creation.

5 Steps To A Successful Lifestyle Business


01. Targeted Advertising

Advertising online is more powerful than ever in history and you can very easily find a target audience for your offers and start getting people to your website in just minutes!


04. Provide Value

Build trust and desire for your offers. This is something that every online business should have in place and is something that will separate you from the competition!


02. Lead Generating Websites

Websites, just like the one you are on right now can be created in a few hours!  A good website will generate income and customers, without you having to do the work.


05. Promote Quality Products

Whether you’re promoting your product/service or someone else’s, the final step to a wildly successful online business is the promotion of high quality products that are in huge demand!


03. Build Your List

Modern Technology such as auto-responders, now make it easy to store and manage lists of prospects that you can automatically follow up with 365 days a year!


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Let us help you take your online business to new heights. The Lifestyle by Laptop team are enthusiastic lovers of life and believe that if you can dream it, you can achieve it!. Facebook: lifestylebylaptop  Instagram @lifestylebylaptop

Dave Cottam
If anyone says it's easy.. it's not. If someone says you just get two friends and they get two friends.. it doesn't work that way. Any kind of business (especially for those in direct sales) is Damned hard work. Like pushing a rock up hill. But ones you yet the the top the view is beautiful! ? Questioning yourself is a daily occurrence as a start up, that's why you HAVE TO make a commitment to 3 years before you even start, becuase the commitment will tube there long after the excitement of starting a business has faded. Work harder. Action solves all problems. You only fail if you quit. NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP - Winston Churchill ?? www.facebook.com/lifestylebylaptop Follow me at: Facebook: lifestylebylaptop Instagram: lifestylebylaptop? Snapchat: davecottam? Twitter: dave_cottam? #Lifestylebylaptop #dreams #success #laptoplifestyle #entrepreneur #business #digitalmarketing #sales #mlm #directsales #networkmarketing #hustle #laptop #life #lifestyle #dream #personaldevelopment #relationships #work #passion #goals #lifegoals #crypto #cryptocurrency #coaching #cash #money #time #churchill #decisions
It wasn't me who shot her officer, honest.... #staffies #love #dogs #sleep
Not a bad day in the back yard office today :) #lovinglife
Come for a meeting with the guy and get a breakfast delivered mid way :) Not bad for a simple northerner :) #livingthedream
Holding a grudge is like a weight on your back Negative emotions are like a poison, and the more of them you have the more new ones you'll collect. Free yourself of the shackles of negativity. It's a beautiful place to be :) Follow me at Facebook: davecottamblog lifestylebylaptop Instagram: davecottam23 Snapchat: davecottam #lifewithoutlimits #dreams #success #personaldevelopment #love #life #freedom #happiness #lifestyle #peace
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Shopping with the big stores is killing our economy. They scale up profits and scale down their expenses. Support Local :) www.facebook.com/davecottamblog Follow me at: Facebook: davecottamblog lifestylebylaptop Snapchat: davecottam Twitter: dave_cottam #lifewithoutlimits #dreams #success #laptoplifestyle #shop #health #local #shoplocal #supoortlocal
Awesome healthy mastermind :) What a great way to start a day :)
Wait for the storm trooper

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