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Are you the biggest factor in your lack of getting what you want? 

I know, it’s a tough one to ask yourself… 

Its much easier to blame others or external circumstances for the reason you’re not where you want to be! 

But there is only so many times we can blame… 

One of my favourite stories is of Adolf Hitler! 

I know, weird, but stick with me here… 

Hitler killed almost every member of his family, believing they were wrong.  The moral of the story is…at what stage do you stop and ask yourself, could it be me? 

While many people have some idea of what they want to do and who they want to be, one of the main reasons they are not already living their dream is that on some level they are getting in their own way. 

One of the most important questions to ask yourself is… “How do I hold myself back”? 

Are you self-sabotaging? 

In what ways are you stopping yourself, from having what you want? 

Life will present you with plenty of excuses that you can use to explain it away! 

The incident in 1983 for example… 

Our government 

The fact you only had two pair of shoes growing up 

The list of excuses could get really long… 

And as someone who has used the excuse of having a sore finger to avoid exercise… I’m an expert at it! 

But the most common reason people don’t have what they want is because they haven’t given themselves permission to have it! 

Ohhhh! Deep!! 

Here’s some more deepness for you…. 

In some way shape or form you believe that you don’t deserve it, could never achieve it or aren’t good enough! 

Let me make this easy for you and give you a great coaching method that has worked hundreds of times… 

Are you ready for it? 

I want you to say the next line out loud… it works better that way… 


Did that help? 

It’s time to get out of your own way and give yourself permission to shine! 

Why does someone else deserve it and you don’t?  What makes them more worthy, better than you?   

The answer is they don’t and nothing!   

Believe in yourself, back yourself and allow yourself to be and do what your heart desires! 

By the way…that coaching method works for anything, feel free to use it whenever you need to ? 



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