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Fear is the Bogey Man’s Dad 

Remember when you were younger and your greatest fear was the dreaded Bogey Man? 

We would lie in bed, frozen, trying not to move or breathe too hard incase he heard us! 

He was usually under the bed or in the closet… 

Let’s not make jokes here about the bogey man coming out of the closet.. 

I remember the feeling of terror! 

Feeling frozen with anxiety! 

But when we actually got the courage to check under the bed or in the closet was he there? 

Nope, of course not! 

It was just our overactive imaginations.. 

Playing tricks on us and making us believe in something that wasn’t real.. 

Now as an adult…Fear has taken the place of the Bogey Man (maybe they are related?) 

It has the ability to fill us with terror! 

Can make us frozen with anxiety! 

The Bogey man always represented something bad happening, fear is the same.. 

And yet even though we now know as adults, that it doesn’t really exist, it still has the power to hold us back and stop us from creating our dreams! 

The only way to make Fear disappear is to do what we did with the Bogey Man and face it, get the courage to see if it exists! 

I promise you it doesn’t…… 



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